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Fernanda Rossi books, essays and articles are based on original research combining her theoretical background on film and semiotics with her hands-on experience in the fields of storytelling, story structure and the creative process.

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> book: Trailer Mechanics

Fernanda Rossi the book that industry professionals consider the bible on story development and fundraising demos. To read an excerpt and/or buy the latest edition…

> contributions to other authors’ books

Fernanda has contributed to several books by other authors. Here are some of them:

Building the Foundation for Fundraising Trailers
A Conversation with Story Analyst Fernanda Rossi
Interview on Chapter 5
in book The Art of Film Funding, by Carole Dean, Third Edition 2012
also on Second edition 2007


The Documentary Doctor – Fernanda Rossi
Interview Chapter 3
in book The Documentary Filmmaker's Handbook, by G. Jolliffe and A. Zinnes, 2012
also appeared on First Edition 2006


Ten Tips for Great Fundraising Samples
by Fernanda Rossi, Sidebar page 91
in book Shaking the Money Tree, by Morrie Warshawski, Third Edition 2009

> columns and articles by yours truly

Fernanda Rossi published over 200 columns and articles in trade magazines both print and online among them on The Independent, Documentary Magazine, DOX, and PBX/POV.

Feel free to print for personal use, your class or post and share online, please cite the source and link to this page when quoting, forwarding, or paraphrasing.

• columns past and present  
Film’s Anatomy
Case studies revealing the hard-to-find data about films
PBS/POV, blog • August 2013 and ongoing
(formerly at The Independent, online magazine • 2007-2009)
Story Doctor
Collection of essays on storytelling
PBS/POV, blog • November 2011 and ongoing
Story Strategies: Debunking the Myths of Storytelling
11 essays on common storytelling myths
The Independent, online magazine • 2009-2010
and Documentary Educational Resources, blog • 2010
• columns past and present
• articles
New York - The City Where Filmmakers Never Get to Sleep
article on the indie doc scene of New York
Film Arts Magazine, print magazine • July 2007
Fernanda Rossi On Story Structure
Interview by Adele Schmidt and Erica Ginsberg
Docs In Progress, blog of organization of same name • April 2007
Unveiling the International Commissioning Process
article on the international grant process of ITVS
Beyond The Box, print magazine • September 2006
Can You Show Me Something?
article on fundraising demos
DOX, European print magazine • June 2005
Why do you want to make this documentary? The answer is within
article on how to assess a premise
Documentary Magazine, print magazine • December 2003

> webcasts and online discussions with yours truly

Pitch and Logline to Fundraise and Finance your Doc

guest speaker at online conference
The D-Word, online forum • May 2012
What Is Success?
video interview by Max Flower
West Doc Conference, webcast • Los Angeles, CA, USA, September 2012
Trailer Mechanics!
Making That Fundraising Demo

guest speaker at online conference
The D-Word, online forum • September 2009
Story Structure: Free Surgery Hours
guest speaker online conference
The D-Word, online forum • June 2009
Documentary Story Structure: From Great To Excellent
recorded live conference, case study analysis with Fernanda Rossi and Gino Del Guercio
Making Media Now, film market and conference • Boston, MA, USA, May 2008

> articles and blogs about moi – humility lost along the way

Fernanda has been interviewed and written about in numerous newspapers, magazines – both print and online – and blogs from around the world. Here is a compilation:

How To Tell A Story In 5 Minutes
interview by Carole Dean
From the Heart, podcast • April 29, 2015
Meet Story Expert Fernanda Rossi
interview by Lauren Larsen
EntertainHer, blog • September 2010
Talking Trailers: The Fine Art of the Five-Minute Story
article by Thomas White
Documentary Magazine, online edition • June 2010
The Doc Doctor – Argentinian or Kryptonian…Or Both?
article by Erike Bosse
rebosse, blog • November 2009
More Shooting for Our Side of Joy
mention by Tressa Sanders
Three West, blog • May 2009
A Doctor for Docs and the Search for the Elusive Story Structure
article by Randi Cecchine
Film Ireland Magazine, print • Nov/Dec 2008
With This Doctor, It Won’t Hurt A Bit
article and interview by Nirit Anderman
Hareetz, Israeli newspaper • June 2008
Seduced By Fernanda Rossi
article by Gino Del Guercio
Factual Films Insider, blog • January 2008
A Spoonful Of Sugar
article by Read Martin
Filmmaker Magazine, print • Winter 2002